Hub-and-Spoke architecture

Lots of nice articles have been published on the net on Hub and Spoke architecture. To start this topic, I am putting together information which I found very useful, some of this information has come from other blogs, company websites (JBOSS, IBM, Cape Clear, BEA, Microsoft etc.). I have practically worked on this architecture and found it's fulfilling all the latest requirements. Very rapidly we are experiencing advancements in hardware and software technologies, so somehow its overcoming Hub and Spoke architecture downsides. Though I believe this could be considered as a base of modern EAI systems. When...
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Singapore Robotic Games 2009

Today I was at the Singapore Robotic Games 2009 held at Science Centre, Singapore. As this was my first visit to this event so havn't had any idea about the visitors and overall lookout of the competition. It was scheduled on 20 - 22 January 2009. I went on last day of robotic games, was really impressed by number of people were participating.
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Cube puzzle solved!

Yesterday,I got this puzzle from my friend, he told me to spend some time on this. Well frankly I don't know the actual name of this puzzle, if you know the name of this game then please let me know! following is slide show of steps to solve cube puzzle [Show thumbnails] jQuery('#ngg-slideshow-aec18964291870e318e0610a0ec5a823-2418233460-image-list').hide().removeClass('ngg-slideshow-nojs'); jQuery(function($) { jQuery('#ngg-slideshow-aec18964291870e318e0610a0ec5a823-2418233460').nggShowSlideshow({ id:...
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