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Database Comparison : H2, HSQLDB, DERBY, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Few days back I posted the comparison table which describes the various features/characteristcs of different free or open source databases, this would help us to understand the various free/open source database offerings. Could help us to decide the database selection for our next project. I have used postgreSQL, MySQL and HSQLDB now looking forward to evaluate H2 and Derby for real world applications. First encountered open source database was postgresSQL in 2001, as I used it during my course-work in University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Then after serving as research associate in Indian...
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Database Comparison Table : H2, HSQLDB, DERBY, PostgreSQL, MySQL

The following table describes the comparison between several open source databases. The comparison will cover: HSQLDB, H2, PostgresSQL, MySQL, Derby in terms of their limitations and strength. This analysis could help to select database for our next project. DB Comparison: H2, HSQLDB, DERBY, PostgreSQL, MySQL   H2 HSQLDB DERBY PostgreSQL MySQL ACID no(ACI) no yes yes yes referential integrity yes yes yes yes yes transactions yes yes yes yes yes unicode yes yes yes yes partial interface SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL data...
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